The care you need.
On your terms.

Quality healthcare shouldn’t be limited to sitting in a waiting room. With Monovo Direct, you can access the right care provider from wherever you are.

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Accessible care is equitable care.

Healthcare access should be equal, but it’s not. Monovo is here to correct it. You can have affordable access to the right type of provider, regardless of location, insurance status, age, or condition.

You deserve quality healthcare. Monovo is here to make it happen.

Care for your specific needs and goals.
Significantly lower overall healthcare costs.
Affordable plans for both individuals, families, and employers.

Affordable & Available.

Getting proper care shouldn’t take weeks or months (we’re looking at you, Canada). With Monovo Direct, you can schedule an appointment with a provider any time of the day at a rate you can afford.

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Healthcare in your hand.

Monovo Direct is accessible right from your cell phone. Appointments can be scheduled and held right within the app, wherever you are.

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Convenient Specialty Care

Traditional speciality care often requires appointments scheduled far in advance. Monovo Direct Care gives you access to our network of speciality care providers so you can proper care in a timely and convenient manner.

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Mind your health

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your personal health. Monovo gives you more than just access to a mental health provider. With Monovo Direct, you will have someone to listen to you and be there to support you.

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Create a better virtual care experience with Monovo.

Monovo can help you create the best virtual care experience possible with a full integrated ecosystem, realtime reporting and diagnosis, and a clinical support team.

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