Virtual Health Systems Made Personal

Built for clinicians, by clinicians

Virtual care isn’t the future of healthcare at your clinic—you are.

We provide access to the necessary infrastructure you need to provide virtual care in rural and underserved communities without the burden of additional human resources, IT, and other operational considerations.

So you can focus on what you do best—providing care.

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Why Use a
Virtual Health System?

30% of hospitals in rural and remote areas are at risk of closing due to issues like care capacity limits, lack of personalized care, limited accessibility, administrative burden, high costs, and lack of patient engagement and education.

Staying ahead of the rapidly evolving healthcare industry is too much for any clinic to handle alone. It requires more than a point solution.

Consider us your partner in meeting these growing healthcare demands with a singular goal in mind—keeping your clinic’s desired quality of care while scaling.

We’ll Handle It. All of It.

Say goodbye to point solutions.

You’re still the expert at running your business. Now, you have backup. We handle the following aspects of your virtual care programs so you can keep your focus on providing care.







At Monovo,
Virtual Means Personal

No patient—or clinic—has the same needs. We work with your organization to thoroughly evaluate workflows, objectives, and population needs for a customized plan.

Our on-site support then helps optimize adoption with 1-on-1 patient onboarding and ongoing partnership support.

Why Monovo?


to increasing monthly revenue by up to 30% per provider

Proven Track Record

in increasing care outcomes in <6 months in underserved and rural communities


approach that promotes access, health literacy, and health equity

Clinical Impact

Monovo keeps a laser focus on clinical and financial outcomes.


total minutes of clinical time saved for our clients


total cost savings for patients who avoided unnecessary ER visits

What our partners are saying about us

"Monovo’s services are a must for any practice providing care to patients with chronic or multiple conditions."

- Anthony G.

CIO at Southeastern Integrated Care, LLC

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