The Modern Virtual Care Ecosystem

Built by clinicians, for clinicians.

Your patients expect a modern healthcare experience to be comprehensive yet simplified. Monovo can help provide automated patient touchpoints, real-time analysis, and clinical support to give your patient improved outcomes and peace of mind.

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Virtual Care,
Personalized Experience

Monovo’s virtual care ecosystem encapsulates more than just remote patient monitoring. With real-time reporting and analytics, consolidated and effective wearables, and clinical support, your organization will be able to create a scalable yet personalized experience for each patient’s needs.

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Comfortable Post-Acute Care

Medical procedures and other severe illnesses often require close and personal monitoring. Monovo gives providers reassurance of patient recovery status and can accelerate care of adverse health events.

Meaningful Remote Patient Monitoring

Knowing patient status goes beyond deploying medical devices. Monovo’s solution and team gives you meaningful insights into the patient’s actual status without creating additional burden on your clinical team.

Chronic Care at Home

Mitigating risk of hospital admission from chronic disease is possible –even probable–with proper and personalized care. Monovo facilitates patient adherence to their care plan with patient reported outcomes and data-driven insights. 

Clinical Support for Your Team

Monovo’s platform includes a specialized care team to help collect and assess data, increase care plan adherence, and accelerate identification of adverse health events. Virtual care doesn’t need to create additional burden on your team. By partnering with Monovo, you can increase revenue opportunities without increasing operational costs.

Augment your team and reduce staff burden

Collect, assess and manage patient data.

Increase value-based reimbursement opportunities.

Care Recommendations & Reporting

Use a consolidated reporting platform that combines vital sign and patient reported data into a simplified view of patient history and current status. Your clinical team will also have real-time patient care recommendations to help improve patient outcomes. These reports also include automated progress notes to save your team time and capitalize on every billing opportunity.

Accurate view of patient history and current status

Actionable insights for your clinical team

Automated progress notes for quick and accurate billing.

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Accessible Direct Care

The future of healthcare needs to be affordable and equitable. Monovo’s network goes beyond primary care to ensure access to the right healthcare provider, regardless of insurance status or location. We’re here to make sure your virtual care is still comprehensive care. 

If you are a primary care provider, Monovo can help extend your reach and enhance your virtual care offering by becoming part of our team.

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Primary Care

Accessing a primary care provider isn’t always convenient. Monovo Direct Care will provide affordable healthcare access in a way that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Mental Health

Monovo’s mental health solution is built around a simple concept to help heal from increased isolation - talking and listening. We use technology to increase human connection, reduce symptoms, and enhance healing.

Speciality Care

Direct care shouldn’t be isolated to primary care providers. Monovo’s expansive network of providers can give your direct access to a pulmonologist, orthopedists, cardiologists, etc.

Whether in your clinic or in your home,
Monovo is there for you.

The Monovo Process

Better patient outcomes is more than just a simple remote monitoring device. Monovo focuses on the entire customer experience from the moment your clinical team starts working with us.

Create a better virtual care experience with Monovo.

Monovo can help you create the best virtual care experience possible with a full integrated ecosystem, realtime reporting and diagnosis, and a clinical support team.

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